The Plucky Squire’s multimedia design could be a huge draw


Devolver Digital has once again delivered some very promising upcoming indie games set to release over the next two years, one example among them being The brave squire. With a trailer opening into a charming cartoon children’s storybook, it seemed like another stylistic indie game from Devolver Digital about a hero named Jot and his adventures through the book’s pages.

However, the announcement of the game quickly grabbed people’s attention when Jot’s story literally jumped off the page, suddenly switching from 2D to 3D and immediately endearing itself to the audience. The brave squire instead seems to offer a multimedia experience across different styles of play, with inspiration and homages drawn from other classic game titles such as Punch !! and Link’s Awakening.


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The Courageous Squire’s Announcement

With no E3 for another year, fans turned to Summer Game Fest to get their fix of what to expect from the gaming scene. It was a Devolver digital showcase comprehensive and comedy-filled showcasing upcoming indie titles from the publisher of Worship of the Lamb at skateboarding history, promising exciting insight into what it has in the works of current and new developers. Among these titles was of course The brave squirean already interesting debut given that the studio called All Possible Future behind it was created by former Game Freak developer James Turner.

The brave squire seems to be using its multimedia premise as a foundation to deliver on all fronts, whether it’s channeling a Zelda-inspired gameplay style in both 2D and 3D with the help of the game’s charming toy aesthetic. Link’s Awakening remake, or become reminiscent of 2021’s hit co-op title It takes two as Jot explores the world beyond the storybook. There seem to be some very intriguing and creative concepts at play in the game, with Jot seemingly able to not only exit and enter the storybook he started life in, but also jump on others objects such as cups and boxes with even more gameplay experimentation. .

In one example, Jot appears to go head-to-head with a bear, playing the equivalent of Punch !! in the pages of the storybook, but later in the trailer, another example is that Jot becomes less the titular squire and more the commando as he guns down enemies as if they were a level in Gradius. Clearly, All Possible Future’s first game does its best to live up to the “everything possible” namesake, as The brave squire is gearing up to deliver a vast and all-encompassing gaming experience where there might be just a little something for everyone. Whether that risks stretching the reach of the game and producing too much or whether the studio can strike the right balance remains to be seen.

Not much is known other than the gameplay showcased in the showcase, with a quaint storytelling akin to Stanley’s parable which may well feature in the game itself to help guide the player. The brave squire could also aim for a metafictional story suitable for play across multiple mediums, but overall it’s just too early to say for sure. Anyway, however, The brave squire has already captured the hearts of many and it looks like it will be a game to watch when it releases in 2023. Until then, fans should check out Devolver Digital’s other upcoming titles to troubleshoot them.

The brave squire should be released in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S.

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