Enderun Unveils Design and Innovation Campus and Offers Scholarships for Multimedia Arts Program


Launch of the Bachelor of Multimedia Arts program by Enderun

Pasig City, Philippines — Who says the arts can’t make you rich? The idea of ​​people comparing vocational training is mind-boggling; all jobs are done doing what you want to do, and that makes no difference to people looking for a job in the arts!

With this, Enderun Colleges is launching its Multimedia Arts Program in the extension of its recently opened campus at Estancia Mall, Pasig City.

The senior management of Enderun Colleges, namely Jack Tuason, Daniel Perez, Tricia Tensuan and the Dean of the College of Architecture and Design, Arch. Stephanie Tan-Branquinho is joined by the Multimedia Arts Advisory Board: Ivan Despi, Donald Lim, Laurenti Dyogi, Michelle Barretto and Seven AD represented by Russell Molina, Teeny Gonzales and Tey San Diego.

The experience

What makes this program different from any other program like this is that Enderun focuses on students who will not only be equipped with the knowledge they need in the creative aspect but also in the field of how they will use this knowledge in terms of money.

For example, art programs only work on the artistic side of each student artist. You can no longer say that there is no money in making arts since Enderun promises that they will also learn entrepreneurship, leaving their artworks in cash.

Teaching will be individualized, they will have a small number of students per class, and in addition to course work, students will have various activities to develop their creativity and exchange ideas through exhibitions, showcases, competitions and various other forms.

Enderun Colleges Founder Jack Tuason speaks at the launch of the Bachelor of Media Arts at the Enderun Design and Innovation Center in Estancia Mall, Pasig City.
Enderun Colleges Founder Jack Tuason speaks at the launch of the Bachelor of Media Arts at the Enderun Design and Innovation Center in Estancia Mall, Pasig City.

Enderun’s range of teachers includes experienced and well-known industry practitioners from different fields of multimedia arts. Students will have the opportunity to meet industry professionals through regular discussions and mentoring sessions both inside and outside the subject.

The program also has its advisory board which includes the best of the best for each art like Creative Lead (LEGO Agency, Billund, Denmark) writer and co-creator of the “Trese” comic book, Budjette Tan, Founding Partner, Plus63 and Founding Partner , Hydra Design Group, Dan Matutina, Founder and CEO of UX Design Institute, Colman Walsh, CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Vitamin B, Inc., Michelle Barreto, Co-Owner and Creative Director of The Acid House, Ivan Despi, Independent Award Recipient agency of the year award, Seven AD, CEO, DITO CME Chief Innovation Officer Of Udenna Corp, Donald Lim and Head, Star Magic & TV Production of ABS-CBN, Laurenti Dyogi.

“We truly embrace Endrun’s MMA program for leaders and craft industry professionals by providing relevant and future-proof education. And we were very lucky and privileged to have such an amazing advisory board to help us shape the Enderun MMA program not only from a local perspective but also from an international perspective. They also offered mentorship programs for students; they are invited to give talks and share their knowledge and professional leadership. We also have our advisory board to help us connect with industry partners and leaders and inspire our students to look up to someone in what they can be in the future. says College of Architecture and Design Dean Stephanie Branquinho.

The Senior Vice President of Enderun Colleges also explained that Enderun Colleges is in partnership with the first public university in the United States and the 15th in the world: the University of California, Los Angeles.

“I think I speak for all parents when I say that what we want most is to prepare our children to succeed in today’s world. But I think the key to that statement is today’s world that is truly global, truly borderless, and of course the partnerships that we’re exploring, we want to immerse our students in that very environment from day one.

Enderun Design and Innovation Center Illustration Lab.
Enderun Design and Innovation Center Illustration Lab.

The set up

Yes, you read that right! The campus extension is inside a mall: Estancia Mall in Pasig City. The facility includes everything from a pantry, game rooms, media rooms, recording rooms, and more. In partnership with Henry’s Cameras and

“I’m very excited to see this new place you have. It’s quite unexpected, the location is in a mall, but I think it works. I think being innovative also means reaching out to people and have the extension here, in a place where people can enjoy,” says Advisory Board Member Michelle Barreto.

The promise

“Enderun’s challenge is not just to anticipate the burning array of future jobs, but to lead and manage the definition and development of jobs in the future. So we had to broaden our mindset on this new program. It is not only a competitor of similar programs but more essentially a multimedia innovator of future careers. says Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez, President of Enderun Colleges and Dean of the College of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

He adds: “This expanded orientation not only to anticipate, but also to take the initiative to define future work. You see in the implementation of Enderun’s new global strategy to ensure that arts programs incorporate interdisciplinary confidence, and thus, the multimedia program also meets the challenge of new career goals for graduates.

Director Laurenti Dyogi, head of Star Magic and ABS-CBN television production, and member of the advisory board of Enderun Colleges, tries out green screen or Chroma Key at the multimedia studio of the design and innovation center of 'Endrun.
Director Laurenti Dyogi, head of Star Magic, ABS-CBN TV production and member of the Enderun Colleges advisory board, tries out green screen or Chroma Key at the Multimedia Studio in the Design and Innovation Center of Enderun.

With this, the multimedia graduate is also developed in entrepreneurship for the self-employed by incorporating subjects such as design entrepreneurship or business ventures into the curriculum. This is complemented by an outstanding Multimedia Programs Advisory Board, which includes creatives who have single-handedly become highly regarded business people.

Enderun nurtures artists who can become millionaires as soon as they graduate!

Lauren Dyogi says, “I would like to see a new generation of contemporaries, media professionals who will revolutionize the media industry in the Philippines. Gusto ko Yung advocacy from Enderun that you are holistic, you are not only focused on the artistic side but also on management and of course a specific goal. At the same time, you’re not just serving the Filipino market, and that’s what excites me, this change and hope for the younger generation of content creators and media professionals.

For more information, you can visit their website: https://cad.enderuncolleges.com/

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